Database Unit at the Institute for Informatics, University of Göttingen

RDF to SQL converter

Note: mainly intended for local, single use. The public demonstrator works only if you initialize it first, and later experiment with it (most metadata is kept in-memory in the Web Service instantiation).

initialize DB schema from ontology   
run SPARQL chain: no, coarse, fine
Guess classes for which tables should be generated
(no means "all classes" or use <ontname>-er.n3):
no, yes
Directory Name:
ontology filename prefix:
immediately insert triples (from <ontology-name>.n3 in above directory)

SPARQL queries against the internal data model

SQL queries against the internal data model

all tables in DB schema

metadata from DB metadata (for testing only)

from DB and from metadata (for testing only):   

from file (URL) into the database:   

triple into the database:


- detect functional properties from instance data

functional properties into n:m (except for reified relationships)

into n:m (leave class empty for "on all classes"):

on some class (leave class empty for "on all classes"):

        foreign key constraints in DB

show internal metadata tables [only local use]

show internal domain table metadata

show Create Table Statements

Evaluate Metadata Consistency Checks MD/NMJ/RC

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